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Website design is about creating a relationship with your target audience




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how to achieve a great website design

The secret to creating great web design that works is having a clear strategy, an understanding of your business needs, common sense and a focus on what will work best for your audience - it’s that simple.

All design is about creating a dialogue with your target audience and motivating them to take action, whether you are reviewing your current website or starting from new.

Great web design is not about clever tricks. People need to access information quickly and find what they are looking for. So, the key is managing easy access to the information they need in a way which ensures they enjoy finding it.

Your website is a shop window for your business so first impressions are always critical. The web gives the impression of being human, like a shop assistant, so design and content must take this into account.

Humans react with their heart first, so your design must make the site alive, impress their heart and grab their mind! A slow or rough first impression of your website will turn off a customer, just as an abrupt assistant will do. First impressions count.

Oryx will work in partnership with you to understand your business and strategies and help create a "shop window" which draws your customers in for a pleasurable and rewarding experience.

Our approach from deisgn to launch follows our tried and tested methods of working with you to achieve the best outcome for you.

What next?
Oryx Technologies can work with you to put together a carefully crafted, attractive and successful website so contact us for a free quote. Or if you'd like a review of your current website let us know.


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