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marketing your organisation or business

Marketing your business is doing everything you can in a planned manner to bring your business and products to the attention of your customers and prospects.

It is the means by which you reach your audience so it's important your business's values are reflected in every aspect of your marketing.

If you are a small business it's unlikely your staff will have all the skills you ened to develop and implement a marketing plan or strategy for your business - that's where we can help you.

Why not outsource your marketing department?

We will work with you to develop a marketing plan for your organisation and to action it. This will be hugely more cost effective than employing a full time marketing person.

Our marketing consulting process usually begins with a free 45 minute discussion to give us a clear understanding of your requirements. If you decide to proceed, further time spent on your project is chargeable. We will prepare a proposala nd estimate as part of that.

We will then normally work through the following stages with you:

Gather background information and review your current marketing material

Hold a number of planning sessions together

Work on strategy and recommendations behind the scenes
Present the marketing plan with strategies and recommendations

Implement the marketing plan actions

Measure and review results

Adjust and re-measure as required

What next? So if you feel that your marketing has some room for improvement,give us a call on 04 212 6160.

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