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Oryx Technologies web designer and business marketing team includes specialists in marketing, design and business as well as web technology.  We have been working inw ebsite design and development for over 12 years.





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Oryx Technologies web design and business marketing team includes specialists in marketing, design and business as well as web technology.

It’s this combination of skills, years of experience (nearly 20) and knowledge of what works and what doesn’t which enables us to create truly integrated web and marketing solutions which help organisations build and enhance their business and their brand.

So, why are we different?

We have narrowed it down to several key things.......

- our ability to think the way your customers think, to put ourselves in their shoes
- our focus on your objectives and working with you to clarify them for the web
- the development of solutions which really work for your business
- our ability to win hearts and minds with visually attractive websites
- our focus on ease of use for the visitor
- delivery of integrated web and marketing/communications strategies
- experience in search engine optimisation and helping achieve excellent ranking
- our project management style
- our unique combination of skills and experience
- being market driven, with an ability to deliver sound strategy and rationale

Oryx Technologies are able to take a simple business idea or a sophisticated brand (your website should be consistent with your branding) and develop it into an effective web site design - whether it is a simple information site or a database driven, e-commerce business - which works for your customers.

We are driven by usability and functionality, what works best for your organisation, not necessarily by technology.

So, if the latest innovations don't add value to your web site, we don’t recommend them. Of course, if you do need them, we can provide them!

What next?

If you'd like to learn more about us, give us a call on 09 212 6160.

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