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Oryx Technologies web designer and business marketing team includes specialists in marketing, design and business as well as web technology.  We have been working inw ebsite design and development for over 12 years.







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about Oryx


Oryx Technologies has been involved with web design, development and search engine marketing for over 20 year , as well as business marketing, so we understand how to create a web site that works for your business and your target market.

Our main office is in Northland and we have people in Christchurch (our home town), and Auckland. We work with clients all through New Zealand and overseas.

We use content management systems a lot (WordPress mainly) and we also design static websites if you really prefer. In both cases we make sure your website is built to gain the best possibile visibility for you on the internet - there's no point in having a website if no-one can find you!

We love working with our clients and we love our business.

What does Oryx mean?

We are often asked where the name Oryx came from and what it means. It's as simple as this:

"o·ryx [awr-iks, ohr-]
noun, plural o·ryx·es ( especially collectively ) o·ryx.
a fleet footed large African antelope, survives harsh conditions, Oryx gazella, grayish with black markings and having long, nearly straight horns: an endangered species.
Origin 1350–1400; Middle English < Latin < Greek óryx pickax, oryx

When we first established Oryx, most of the web related names had already been used and, in any case, we didn't want to follow the herd! We liked the sound of the fleet footed and the surviving harsh conditions - and it was certainly a unique name for a web design company. 

You'll find some photos on our Pinterest profile.

Having explained the origin of our name, why should you choose us?

There are heaps more reasons which you can read about here. Or you can give us a call on 09 212 6160.

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