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what is search engine optimisation

Just having a website isn't enough. Over 80% of people use search engines, such as Google, to find information, products and services on the web. And, people usually look at the first 2 - 3 pages (20 - 30 results) only.

So, if you raise the profile of your website (that is your ranking or listing) on search engines and directories, you'll get more visitors and new customers.

This listing, or ranking on the search engines and directories is one of the most important things you do to assist people to reach your site. It is called search engine optimisation, which means doing everything possible to improve your ranking - without trying to “fool” the search engines!

Basically, search engine optimisation is all about words! If you have very little useful text or copy on your website, your website’s results will be hindered.

When someone does a search on a search engine, they’re shown a variety of ads, maps and website listings. On Google there are about ten website listings on the first page, called “organic or natural search”, where free listings which are the best match for a search query, are ranked by Google’s algorithm.

The goal of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is to optimise a website to be the most relevant search result for the topic area targeted and to increase the flow of targeted traffic to your website.

Each major search engine uses a different algorithm to look at your website. However they do all look at components of your site such as meta or document/page title, meta tags, keywords in the URL, the text, number of headings in the text, number of pages, external quality links to the site, size of yourimages, text alternatives to images and many other things.

Oryx Technologies do far more than just register or submit your site to the search engines. The main differences are that we:

- ensure your website is focused on your target audience
- review your design and its search engine "friendliness"
- identify and develop your most relevant keyword phrases for your business, customers and prospects
- ensure your content contains keywords and key phrases
- build links to your website from relevant and quality sites
- ensure your images are optimised (that they are small enough, or compressed, and that they have text alternatives)
- monitor and improve your site on an ongoing basis as required
- manually submitting your site to the key serach engines and directories

Because our team includes specialists in marketing and copywriting, we are ideally placed to work with you in preparing and optimising your site for search engine submission. We will improve your rankings and the traffic to your website will improve.

Oryx Technologies has several packages available:

· Ongoing Annual Search Engine Services (for a year)
This is a tailored search engine optimisation service. It includes initial site review, keyword research, optimisation, submission, link building.

· Platinum Package
Optimisation for 22 keyword phrases and submission to leading search engines and directories.

· Gold Package
Optimisation for 12 keyword phrases and submission to leading search engines and directories.

· Silver Package
Optimisation for 6 keyword phrases and submission to leading search engines and directories.

· Content Pages
Addition of pages and keyphrases pages to enhance your search engine ranking. useful to help drive more traffic to your site after you use one of the above services.

· Link Building
Building links to your site from relevant quality directories and websites to improve your site's search engine popularity.

Please note that these packages do not include paid submissions. These would be costed separately.

If the packages above do not suit your requirements we are able to tailor one to suit.

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