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advantages of facebook for businesses



If children, teenagers and adults, are your future audience, then you need to have a Facebook Business Page. You need to be where your audience is.

Today, our children, teens, young adults and older adults can be found updating their profile, commenting and changing their status updates regularly – in fact 1 in every 8 minutes are spent on Facebook! It's a major form of communication and marketing.

Basically, small businesses need to get on board and create a Facebook business page. It is time for them to put themselves in front of all the Facebook addicts!

The main reasons

1 The ready audience and potential customers.
Children, teens and adults are your future audience and they are all on Facebook.

2 The number of users.
Facebook has hundreds of millions of users and almost 50% of them on Facebook daily. Over 40% of existing businesses (1.5 billion) worldwide are already up and running on it.

3 You need your business to be where your customers and potential customers are.

4 A marketing channel.
Your Facebook business page is like the huge billboard except it’s free and you can say a lot more.

5 Search engine ranking.
The search engines love a Facebook business pages, so your page will help your site on the search engines. The “like” button is like a new “link” and is becoming just as important as links back to your website.

6 Your competition.
Many of your business competition will already have a Facebook page, and not because they want to talk about their favorite hobby.

Examples of Facebook business page - the new timeline format >

If you'd like to discuss getting a business page on Facebook and develop a strategy give us a call. If you'd rather send us an email for more information you could complete our enquiry form.and we'll contact you.

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