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12 ways to promote your website

Promoting your Website does not have to cost a fortune. There are many things which are free, or at least inexpensive, and are simple.

Here are twelve simple ways to make your website more visible, increase traffic and close more bookings:

1 ..Include all relevant keyword phrases on the pages of your website in a way that appears natural

2 ..Make sure your site is submitted manually to the major search engines and directories. Only repeat at regular intervals only if your site is not listed.

3 ..Register additional domain names similar to your domain name and get your webmaster to link them to your main address. Domain names cost about $35.00 to register and renew annually.

4 ..develop links from quality relevant websites to your own. Read our link building article here for more information.

5 ..Promote your site to your existing customers. Send them a special flyer, letter or postcard. Tell them that now they can book or buy online. Tell them how easy it is and how safe shopping on the internet is.

6 ..Promote your website on all offline collateral materials. Promote your Website on all of your collateral material, leaflets, business cards and stationery, brochures and other forms of advertising.

7 ..Run a competition on your website. This is a useful way of finding out more about your site's visitors in the process. You provide an entry form and a prize related to your website. When it ends, send an e-mail to everyone telling them the competition has been won and add items of interest about your services and opportunities too.

8 ..Write and send out a press release and develop some articles. Press releases and articles are a very effective ways to generate traffic to your site and help your search engine rankings as well.

9 ..Send out an email newsletter. Millions and millions of people use e-mail in every 24 hour period and is becoming the preferred method of communication. Check out how we can help you develop an email newsletter.

10 ..Use your web statistics or analytics. It is good to know how many visits and hits you get but you need to find out the source of the visits and what turns them into sales etc. Good tracking tools can tell you where your visitors come from, and how many enquiries, purchases or bookings are made by visitors from each source. They can tell you which search keywords your visitors used in search engines. They cannot tell you exactly WHO each visitor is!

11 ..You don't need just lookers you need buyers and bookers. Don’t bury the “Online Reservation”, the "Buy Here", the "Find Us" or the "Ask Now" deep inside your website. Display it clearly on the home page and on all main pages. You can also tell your clients that you are running a special promotion for them and have a special price just for them on line.

12..Last but not least, use a signature file with your web address in it with each email. A signature file is a block of text that can be attached to the end of each email message you send. And make sure your email address rreflects your business, not a personal email.

If you'd like to discuss this further and develop a strategy give us a call. If you'd rather send us an email for more information you could complete our enquiry form.

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