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creating great content

As website content has become more and more critical over the years, it has converged with search engine optimisation and social media marketing.  Yet creating great content is one thing people developing a website often either don't have the skills to undertake or they forget its importance.

Great content makes your website different from the masses and is what also gains the hearts and minds of your customers. The success of your website is determined by its content.

Content wins your customers.

It creates more value for your customers, which means they are more likely to read your site.  The secret is to discover what your customers or visitors want and deliver that in your website content. Answer questions they may have and offer them information they may find useful. This in turn will generate more sales and get shared more often.

If people find content informative or engaging, they will share it and in these days of mobile browsing and social media sharing is a prime way of making your brand more visible online.

All this is true for any size business.

And, of course, content is king so far as search engine optimisation is concerned and therefore to the ranking of your website.

Well written, quality content (and we’ve been boring everyone silly with this for well over a decade) will help make your website more visible on Google and Bing and any other search engine you care to mention.

So don’t ignore the most important part of your website.

These days it is very easy for small businesses to publish a website - the age of convenience and ease of use. But a lovely looking website is not the be all and end all – it has to be a high quality lovely looking website or it will just gather dust on the internet shelf.

Great content will influence whether people buy, whether they return, whether they stay on the site or leave it and whether your website is even found in the first place. So give us a call!

Written by Anna Hamilton, Oryx Technologies.

If you would like assistance in developing  great content for your website or a review of your current website, give us a call on 09 407 7742

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