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6 Social Media Trends for 2012


There are lots around this year, but these are some of our favourite key trends for 2012.

1 ..Increase of quality over quantity
Applies to content – planning and designing your messages for attention, usefulness and conversion. Make sure you focus on how you can help your clients or customers succeed in what they’re doing. This might even mean outsourcing content development.

Also applies to picking your battles – the mantra of ‘be everywhere’ will be replaced by ‘be where it matters to our business'. Choose the social media that deliver the best results – be it LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google + or some more speciality networks like Foursquare and Instagram

2 ..Social shopping
Social shopping will increase in volume. The fashion focused social platform is the trend to watch as it will change the way consumers shop, discover products and decide what to wear. Friends love sharing great bargains and experiences. I constantly see sharing on Facebook walls about great shopping experiences. It makes you want to click and check out where they bought it!

3 ..Huge mobile growth
Contents such as news, videos and social activity will be accessed on mobile devices more frequently than ever – companies need to think about how existing marketing initiatives carry through the mobile web – smart phone or tablet. It’s important for all marketers to embrace mobile, optimise current assets, make it easy to access content and to think about this medium’s unique characteristics, such as geolocation.

QR codes (Quick Response Codes) will gain more awareness and will be used more frequently….

4..Social media and search engines
Social media will affect search engine results more and more as the engines pull an increasing variety results from social networks. This means we will see more real-time information in our results from social media sites such as Facebook, blogs, Linkedin and Twitter. So make sure your content is KING!

5 ..Social media tools get smarter
The new social media tools will get smarter and will help make you more productive and grow your online influence while minimizing time commitment. One great example is Buffer - an intelligent social media distribution tool. It can provide some info as to when your followers/fans are likely to be paying attention to updates and distribute content you’ve directed into Buffer at those times.

6 .. Social television
Many shows have already begun to integrate social TV, whether through polling or integrating social elements. Social media played a pivotal role in the last US election. The X Factor allows voting via Twitter and highlights other social promotions. Another way media consumption is becoming social is through Get Glue which allows people to check-in to their favorite shows (or other forms of media) and tell the world what they love. Expect more of social television during 2012 as ratings rise for socially integrated shows.

If you'd like to discuss any of these and develop a strategy give us a call. If you'd rather send us an email for more information you could complete our enquiry form and we'll contact you.

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