This year is certainly rushing along - hard to believe it's Christmas in another three months!

If you are looking for a way to update your site, here's a quick one - an annual Spring Clean. We've got a special offer for this during October. The rest of this newsletter is focused on promoting your site and helping to drive visitors to it using blogging and other such tools and making sure your site is Google friendly. There's lots to read and lots you can do!

Anna Hamilton

In this edition we feature:

• Spring cleaning >
• How blogs can help your business >
• Promoting your website and pulling in visitors >
• Make your site Google friendly >
• Sites of interest >
• Some random facts! >



Spring cleaning

Make sure your customers and visitors are getting the right details about your business and give your website a Spring Clean this month!

Check your contact details are correct, that products, services and prices listed on your website are current and any competitions or special offers you ran during the year have not expired. Also check your images are relevant. New images are a very easy way to freshen your web site. Finally, look to see that all links on the web site are still working correctly.

If you need help spring cleaning your website, get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help. We're offering a "spring clean consultation" (checking your site thoroughly and reporting back on what needs doing) for $235.00 plus GST if you take this up during October for completion by end November 2009. Email us or give us a call on 04 976 6982.




How blogs can help your business

Most businesses have yet to get on the blog bandwagon. Many, in fact, wonder if it’s at all relevant to their business. However, blogs are a way of helping to get and maintain search engine rankings.

Search engines prefer new to old content and sites which are regularly updated and expanded tend to get better rankings. A blog is a quick way of doing this and adding new keyword content.

Another way of increasing your search engine rankings is through quality links to your site. If your content is interesting (and of course your blog can help this) people will link to you from their own blogs or articles on similar topics, adding to the inbound links. And if you link your own blog posts to relevant pages on your own website it can also help – and increase your traffic as well.

Blogging is another tool in your marketing kit. So, think about your business and your audience - what they would like to know more about, how best to present the information, then give it to them! This can include articles, tips, joining in forums, competitions and giveaways, latest information about changes to your business or the industry you’re involved in, videos, images and so on. You can make it seasonal and use it as a way to get words like spring cleaning your garden, a spring refresh of your décor and so on.

If you decide to start your own blog, remember it’s critical to update it regularly, at least a couple of times a week or even daily. Once people start visiting your blog, they will expect it to be current and relevant.

View the full article on the guide to blogging >>

If you need help with setting up a blog send us an email >



Promoting your website and pulling in visitors
Drawing or pulling customers to your web site can be tricky. We all know that getting good rankings on the main search engines is the way to get exposure to new potential customers. And, of course, the key to gaining a good search engine ranking is ongoing organic optimisation and link building.

As we mention above, the search engines love information and are constantly looking for and indexing new content. Those sites that change are given greater ranking than those that don’t. Ranking equals traffic!

There are lots of ways to ensure you continue to have fresh information, retain good rankings and draw traffic, as well as the blogs already mentioned. We’ve listed a few here which you may have overlooked or been too busy to consider.

Articles >>
Facebook >>
Forums >>
Organic optimisation >>
Database/email marketing >>

Twitter >>
Bookmarking >>
Link building >>
Online directories >>
Using your site statistics >>

For more information about these click on individual links above or click here >>

For assistance with any of these, do contact us by email or call us on 04 976 6982 >>


Make your site Google friendly

As you know, it’s important your site is designed with search engines (as well as customers) in mind. Nielson's latest stats show there were over 10 billion searches done world wide in the month of August 2009, with just under seven billion of these through Google (nearly 65%). About 90% of searches in New Zealand use Google and over 75% of your customers search on line for new product and services.

So you can see it’s pretty essential to make sure your site is Google friendly. Here are some tips.
1 keep your content fresh
2 internal linking
3 a site map with links to the pages throughout your site
4 on line directories
5 Google maps
6 page titles
7 text alternatives for images
8 meta description

For more information check out our article here >>



Interesting websites

St Kevins College
An integrated secondary co-educational college in Oamaru with a long established tradition. Their website was redesigned to appeal to students, parents, staff and potential parents and students alike and in line with their brand. The professional, clean lines, simple navigation and clear menus makes information easy to find throughout the site.

Paving NZ
A leading New Zealand paving company, Paving New Zealand's brief was to design an upmarket website which reflects it's brand and the nature of its product and business. The site also illustrates the wide range of paving available as well as a gallery of work. Search engine optimisation is an important aspect in this redevelopment.




Some brain work and interesting bits and pieces

Did you know?

  • People spend about two weeks of their lives at traffic lights!
  • American Airlines saved $40,000 in 1987 by eliminating one olive from each salad in first class.
  • We know more about the surface of the moon than we do about the bottom of the ocean.
  • Barbie's full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts.

Bits and pieces

  • Check out the world's top sites
    These are the world's top site's according to Alexa. Not surprisingly Google tops the list, followed by (wait for it) Facebook and Yahoo. Check it out here >>
  • "You ain't seen nothing yet"
    A quote from ClickZ one of the worlds leading news and adive providers for digital marketers and an associate of Search Engine watch. There are two parts to this article. This link leads you to part two but there's a link to the first in the article. >>
  • Looking for something green?
    - Green Maven is a search engine which focuses on green and sustainable websites. More here >>
  • The New Zealand Edge
    A website for New Zealand founded in 1999 and funded by Brian Sweeney and Kevin Roberts for New Zealanders - who are among the rarest breed in the world. More here >>