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website statistics

Even before you start a web site, you should have an idea what kind of people will be visiting your web site. It is important to determine your target market, so you can design your site and its content in a way which is the most appealing to these groups.

Once you have launched your web site, you will need a way to keep an eye on your web visitor traffic. This information will help you understand what changes need to be made to use your web site traffic or visitors better.

Every time someone visits your site, their information is recorded. Where they came from, which pages they visited, where they “entered” and “exited” your site, and so on. Traffic reporting software, like Google Analytics and Urchin Statistics (owned by Google) organises this data into meaningful patterns and reports.

These traffic reports or website stats reports are one of the most overlooked tools available to help you understand how your site is performing and to increasing its performance. Reading these reports can uncover areas which can be improved and which may bring you lots of business.

You can find out which pages visitors arrive at your site on, how long visitors stay on your site and which page they exit from. Are they there long enough to elarn about your business and action something or do they just leave immediately. If they just leave from the same page they arrived on in a matter of seconds, they've either reached the wrong website or you need to engage them more on that page and explain the benefits of your business.

You can also get information on how your potential customers are finding your web site. Maybe through Google or Yahoo, or a site where you have paid to be listed, or they just type in the web address of your site. If the visitor comes through Google, what do they enter to find you? If they are coming from a site you pay to list on, is it worth the fee you pay for the visitors you get? And so on.

You can also learn what pages of your web site are the most popular. You could have an article on your site that's getting tons of traffic and referring them onto your onine store.

However, you can have too much of a good thing. It's pretty useful to choose a few statistics which are REALLY going to help your business rather than getting too overwhelmed and giving up on it. BY following just a few measurements really important to your business you can improve the results and grow the business.

For example, a measure of success for an online store is the number of completed sales. A great statistic to track could be how many people drop off without finishing their purchase or don't even start a purchase. If there's a big difference between visitors and customers with completed sales, what's important will be getting the people who come to your site to make or finish their purchase.

You can read more here about reading your statistics.

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