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Anna Hamilton

In this first issue we've got why and how to build links to your site and some tips on using your website statistics. We also feature some interesting things to incorporate on your site and some random facts.

• Why build links
• Web statistics or analytics
• Interesting bits and pieces
• Sites of interest
• A few chuckles and some random facts!


Tips on link building
Today, link building is a vital element of search engine optimisation. Basically many search engines (including Google) measure how "popular" your site is by the number of incoming links so it can help a great deal with search engine rankings.

The links count as a ‘vote of confidence’ in your site.

It is therefore in your interest to develop as many links as possible from other web sites to yours.

That said, be very aware it is not just a case of numbers – the quality and relevance of links is critical. The links which are most important are those from ‘significant’ web sites which cover a similar topic or have similar content to yours.

Don’t fall into the trap of subscribing to a link farm which could get you banned from a search engine totally!

View the full article on building up links >>
If you need help with developing links to your site, do get in touch with us.



Tips on using website statistics
Your web hosting services should offer some kind of statistics and trends about your website. These are a really useful tool for understanding your site's performance and can also help you improve your content to help persuade visitors take action. If your web host does not provide web anlytics and statistics, there are some free packages around, including Google Analytics, all of which can provide help. Any of Oryx's clients hosted with Digiweb has access to a good statistics package.
For assistance in analysing your current statstics package or help in setting up a free package contact us by email or call us on 04 976 6982 >>
Read more about web statistics here >>


Interesting bits and pieces for your website
We’ve come across a few of these lately, some related to helping people find your business, others to helping the search engines and others to help your customers understand your work.

Maps, maps and more maps. We’ve got three interesting options.

Google Maps - nice bit of marketing

A bit different to the Maps BizLocator as this means people can find your business/type of business in Google Earth (with link to your site) as well as you having a link on your website to your Google Earth listing.

AA Maps BizLocator - helps your customers and reduces carbon footprint a little!

You can get a free map installed on your website showing where you are. Plus printable driving instructions by the AA Maps site from 'wherever' your customer is to your business. Cool idea to help make it easy to find you and reduce carbon footprint as people find the best way to you.

Finda Maps - helps your search engine listing.

This ensures you appear in Wises and UBD and helps you good ranking on Google who use the info on Finda!

Special offer if any of these are booked by end June and completed by end August. Or if you decide to do all three maps (highly recommended naturally) a 20% discount will apply.

Using Images On Your Site
Great ways of managing images and promoting your business or work to your customers – slideshows and photo gallery.
Give us a call if you’d like to talk about these or add one to your site.


Some sites of interest

Limited Editions

One of New Zealand's leading interior designers, with consultancy services nationwide. Design, seo and promotion.

New Zealand Principals' Federation

National association for principals providing wide range of resources and assistance. Design and seo.



Chuckles, random facts and some brain work
Did you know?

  • For those of who you who think you spend too long at traffic lights, it’s not as bad as you think. The latest is that people only spend about 2 weeks of their entire lives waiting at the lights!
  • The 3 most valuable brand names on earth: Marlboro, Coca-Cola, and Budweiser, in that order.

Brain work
Sudoku on line for anyone - ranging from low to evil - even tells you how you are going!

Dance, song and aerobics all in one
Bit of competition - the Lion King - been around a bit but very cute! Love the way they try to outdo each other!


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