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Oryx Technologies website design May 2013 newsletter

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As we've recently upgraded our website (though not a huge design change), we're having a look at the importance of updating your website. As well, we're looking at how to find out what people are searching for when they might be looking for your kind of business on the internet, and how to find out what they search for when they do find your website.

And a snippet about Google Glass, a link to that photo editing tool which has proved to be very popular and a bit of news about our office move!

Anna Hamilton



How frequently should I update my website?


We're often asked about the importance of updating one's website and how often it should be done.Updating your website - when and how much

We've just undertaken what felt like a major overhaul of our own website, although it didn't alter the design to any great degree. We have, however, made big changes to the navigation and content and done a real springclean. We found it's a bit like being a plumber or a carpenter - you're so busy working for your clients you find it hard to get round to working on your own projects.

There's lots of information around about how often you should update your website - daily, weekly, monthly and so on. Really though, you do have to use a little commonsense and work out what's best for your business, bearing in mind how all search engines thirst for new and up-to-date information when ranking websites.

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What people search for.........

What people are looking for when they find your website, or a website similar to yours, is relevant when optimising your website, as well as to how well you are doing on the search engines and how much traffic and business you're generating.

Use your statistics to find out how people are finding your websiteYou can find out a lot about what people search for when they find your website by looking at your website statistics. These can be extremely helpful for deciding which are your most popular pages and how people find them.

There are also several programmes around such as Word Tracker, but Google Adwords is totally free and user friendly. With this tool, you get a really good idea about the phrases people are using when they visit Google, you can see numbers of people and it can also give you some ideas about "long-tail" key phrases you could use, to help create more traffic to your website.

[Just for the record, long-tail keywords are words or phrases that are not often searched for but which, together, could make up a significant portion of your website traffic. The reason every site should have long-tail keywords is because they're words you're naturally using in your website which may just happen to be searched for by someone. We'll include more on this in our next newsletter.]

If you're interested about which phrases are the most searched world wide on the internet (which can be fascinating though not necessarily relevant to your site) have a look at what people searched for on Google and Yahoo (Kim Kardashian hit the top three in Yahoo in 2012!).





Some bits and bobs

  • Glass
    Google Glass is an attempt to place data right in front of your eyes. You may have read about this but here's an update. Google Glass is a touchpad, display, camera, battery and microphone built into spectacle frames so you can do it all on the move. So far only in the hands of developers for comment but reportedly going to be released sometime 2014. Read more about Google Glass here. One of the bigger challenges Google will need to deal with is privacy issues re covert filming etc.

  • PicMonkey
    This free online photo editing tool proved popular so here's a repeat - have a look here.

  • Office move
    Mid May we're packing up the office (for what feels like the millionth time).

    Guess it's the price of the convenience of the office operating from the same location as home, especially when you've moved relatively frequently over the last few years.

    This is the LAST for some time according to Sam who, as you can see, has packed himself ready to go!

    Phone numbers, email and box number etc are the same.



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