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Well autumn certainly seems to have started a little early - bit of a chill in the air – so it’s a good time to do a quick check on your website health.

We’re also looking at some of the social media trends for 2012 and, most importantly if you have a Facebook page, Facebook’s new timeline layout (for business/brands).

And, if you don’t have a Facebook page for your business, there are many advantages – read more here.

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Your website health

We also suggest you take some time out and check out your website’s health – it’s easy and simple to do – before we get too much further through the year.

Make sure that prices listed on your website are current and any competitions or special offers you ran during the year have not expired.
Check the product details, contact details, that your images are still relevant (new images are a great way to freshen your website), that all the links are working correctly and that you’re in Google Places.

And check your most recent newsletters, media releases and articles are available.

Give us a call if you need some help.




Are you ready for Facebook’s new look and the new timeline?

You have until March 30th to make sure your business's main Facebook page looks great in the new layout. Regardless of whether you have prepared or not, Facebook will change you over.

Basically this change puts an end to any landing pages you had created for your page but does give you other options – cover photos, increasing or customizing the number of apps or views (in old Facebook speak “Tabs”) and highlighting important stories.

Cover photo
The first thing is to create a compelling cover photo – this shows at the top of your page. It could be a product, people using your products or services or the like. You'll need to have this cover photo ready to go or Facebook just may end up creating one for you! This is Red Bull's new Facebook timeline cover photo.


There are, however, some things Facebook has announced you can’t use in your cover photo.

  • price or pricing information, such as discounts
  • calls to action
  • contact information which belongs in your About area
  • references to items such as Like and Share

This cover photo gives you an opportunity to use something not already on your Facebook page or website and make it imaginative.

Have a look here at some further examples (some creative ones) of what you can do with the cover shot >

Your profile picture will be superimposed left bottom of your cover photo so be careful to take this into account when selecting your cover image.

Profile picture
Previously your profile picture (in most cases your logo) was taken from the left sidebar image. The profile picture is brought over to the new layout by Facebook, although the left side bar does not carry over in current format.

Your profile picture may still work in the new layout, but you may want to double check how that looks in the preview option before going live with it.

View, apps, tabs
If you had created any custom tabs for the left column, you’ll find they’ve moved to a far more noticeable position. They’re now called Views and Apps.

You can now call more attentions to tabs or apps you’ve created but it also means you may need to relook at how they look in this new position. And it means you can create some cool new apps.

You can only have four tabs/apps showing (although you can have up to 12) so people have to choose to see more. You can have them in any order you like though. See Red Bull above as an example.

Facebook’s created a page to try and assist – read more here

If you'd like some assistance with your new Facebook page, we’re here to help.




Six Social media trends for 2012

There are lots around this year, but here are some of our favourite key trends. Read them here on our website >





Some interesting news bites

  • Google Privacy
    From 1 March Google amalgamated its privacy policies and aggregated information it holds about its users. You can opt out. Read more here >>
  • Buffer
    If you find it challenging to keep the content updated regularly on your Facebook page, check out Buffer to help make updating content easy and timely.

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