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NEWSLETTER August 2013

Brrr..... it's certainly chillier now although, over the last few weeks, it's almost felt like there's a wee hint of Spring in the air - "Sprinter" we've heard this inbetween season called! This is wonderful because we've just renovated (with amazing contractors) and moved into our "forever" home and office (thank you for your patience again) and are now enjoying seeing the garden come alive.

In this issue, we're having a look at online shopping (or e-commerce) which is a great way of encouraging people to buy more from home rather than venturing out into the chill. We're taking a brief look at its importance in this day and age, and have some tips for you as to how to boost your online sales.




Is e-commerce important?


The internet makes doing business much easier and faster. It’s led to changes in the way people do business, with a rapidly growing world wide trend towards online shopping or e-commerce.

Online business is becoming a high income generating activity. People around the world are becoming more attracted towards this virtual world. There are no limits as to what and where they can reach, the variety of products, the product detail and comparisons available, the convenience, the speed and the number of customers the seller can reach.

This means online shopping is assuming a much greater importance and offering a wide range of advantages for small and medium size businesses, and for your customers.

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Tips for increasing online sales.

So, now you've decided to have an online shop, what are the best ways of ensuring you get the most out of it?

Below is a summary of some main pointers for boosting your online sales.

1. Make sure customers and prospects find you easily online. This might mean investing in search engine optimisation.
2. Have an online marketing strategy, including email newsletters.
3. Your website needs to look really attractive and be up to date - keep your content refreshed. Have interesting copy and great images on the home page. Renew them regularly.
4. Simplify your website and have great navigation.
5. Ensure the freight or shipping costs are clear and upfront.
6. Keep it simple with an easy payment system. However easy the payment system is, customers will still sometimes make mistakes - even the most internet savvy!
7. Looks are critical so make sure your products are attractively showcased with wonderful images. It can be helpful to show the products in use as well as showing the product on a clean pale background - helps people visualise how they might use them.
8. Have clear product details - measurements, colours, what they're made of, where they're made etc and offer good reasons to buy the item.
9. Provide exceptional customer service.
10. Keep in touch with your site by continually reviewing, updating and improving.

If you'd like to talk more about how to make the most of your online shop, here's our email.





Bits and bobs

  • Interested in a flying cars?
    They might only be eight years away!
  • Hope for our brains
    Check this out.....
  • Less than half small and medium businesses have an online presence
    Reading these results on was really surprising to me a couple of months ago. I may be biased as I use the web all the time but many others I know look up a business online before buying or visiting them. Think what those businesses without might be missing out on! Read more here.




Some online shopping sites

Vilders Gallery
Vilders Jewellery Gallery Wellington Wonderful jewellery - a revamp of Dorthe Kristensen's website, with an online store!

Cranfields Homewares and Gift Store
A well known homewares, gift and furniture store in New Zealand. Wonderful source of gifts.

Shoestyles shoe store A fashion shoe business, Shoestyles provides customers an easy way to buy in the latest season’s range.
Health Products
Health Products New Zealand This online shop is core to Health Products who offer water purifiers and filters among other health products.

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