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Hard to believe Easter's behind us and there's now a slight Autumn chill in the air after all this wonderful weather.

In this issue we’re looking at some ways (now that you've got those social media profiles) of getting more people to follow you or like you, and using link building as part of your search engine strategy.

Anna Hamilton

PS Don't forget daylight saving ends this weekend.



How to get more people to like you or follow you

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Basically, you should be adding your Facebook (or Pinterest or Twitter) link with a call to action EVERYWHERE that people will find you online and in every communication you send to your customers and prospects. In short here are just a few suggestions. Getting more people to  like you and follow you on the social media - some quick ideas

  • Tell EVERYONE you are on social media and which ones!
  • Add a Find us on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest link to your company website.
  • Email your customers, let them know you're on Facebook etc and ask them to like your page. Don’t over-do it, though - once is enough, as you don't want to annoy. Just on that - love you to like Oryx on Facebook!!
  • Add links to your social media profiles to your email newsletters.
  • Create links for your email signature - you send out many emails a day so why not include a call to action in the signature?
  • Facebook enables you to have a Facebook URL which includes your name (eg You bought a unique domain name for your website and you should do the same for your Facebook page.
  • Put your social media links on your business card.
  • Post frequently, but not too frequently - try posting once a week, maybe twice, but every week without exception. If you post too much you annoy people, too little and you'll be forgotten. There's an idea in our interesting bits and bobs to help you manage this - and the software is free!

It is a commitment but worth it for your business.

Read more tips here from Social Media Examiner.

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Link building to help your search engine ranking

Basically building links to your website (this is known as inbound or backlink building) is one of the more critical aspects of your search engine campaign. One way many search engines measure how "popular" your site is by the quality and the number of inbound Google's Penguin and Panda software  has  penalised websites with poor quality content and dubious practiceslinks, so it can help a great deal with search engine rankings.

This needs to be done carefully. In the past many websites gained high rankings by using link farms (who for a fee would provide thousands of links back to your site) or by using lots of low quality links.

However, Google's launch of its Penguin and Panda software severely penalised websites using link farms and vast amounts of low quality links as well as keyword stuffing your content or duplicating your content. So it's definitely quality not quantity that counts these days.

Here are four main ways you can develop quality links:

  • directory listings like DMOZ and NZSearch and specialist directories as long as they're relevant and respectable.
  • organic link building - creating quality content which links to your site. You do need to make sure you don't do too much and that its quality, otherwise it could be seen as spamming.
  • broken links - many websites, including authoritative ones with lots of visitors, have broken links. Some will be leading to websites covering a subject similar to yours. There are a few methods of identifying these broken links (through tools provided by Chrome and Firefox). Once you have, you can email the website's webmaster, notify them and suggest a link back to your website instead - a link which works!
  • identify quality sites to link to yours. One of the most effective ways is to search for websites which rank well for your key phrases and words on the major search engines - not your competitors of course though.

See more about link building here.




Some bits and bobs

  • Social media link building and benefits
    Great article from a lead search engine company about building social media links.
  • Picmonkey
    A free online photo editing tool - have a look here.
  • Keeping on top of social media posting
    Hootesuite is software that can help you manage all of your social media posting. You can see several different social media platforms at once and can schedule posts to appear anytime in the future. Best of all the basic version Hootesuite is completely free. Learn more here and give it a trial.


Some interesting websites

Thorndon Green Gardens
Thorndon Green garden centre Wonderful reincarnation in Thorndon Quay Wellington, of the Karori Garden Centre.

Affordable websites for small and medium businesses starting out
If you've a friend or colleague just starting out in business this might be just the thing.

Heirloom Vintage Tableware
Heirloom Vintage Tableware hire Planning a vintage themed event - this website has an amazing selection for hire.
Buildwieser Builders
Buildwieser builders in Wellington Builders with an eye for deadlines and determination to finish every detail.

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